Neptune Ribs

Neptune Ribs is a European brand of luxury family RIBs.  An Irish company, Neptune is headquartered in Cork, an area steeped in nautical activity and maritime history.


Having researched the RIB market worldwide, Neptune Ribs identified a series of differentiators that are disruptive in the well-established RIB market. Our deep-V hulls combined with high quality Orca Hypalon or Mehler Valmex tubes, unique seating layout, ever-reliable Suzuki engines and competitive pricing have secured a leading position for Neptune Ribs in the European RIB market.


Our rapidly-expanding client base has enabled us to build a very strong reputation, scaling production to meet market demand. We continue to grow into new geographies as we identify new dealers who share our ethos of professionalism, quality and service.  In return, we provide our international dealer network with quality products at competitive prices combined with unparalleled warranty and support.

Neptune 660 Sport